Cure Your Aerophobia with an Emotional Support Animal

Do you have a fear of flying? Does the thought of even stepping foot on an airplane leave you feeling anxious or perhaps even physically ill?

If this is you then there is a strong possibility that you have a fear of flying to some extent. The exact term for this is aerophobia, meaning the fear of flying?

Today, we are going to go into the specifics of Aerophobia and elaborate on some of the ways in which emotional support animals may help cure this fear entirely.

What is Aerophobia?

Aerophobia, also known as Aviophobia, is the fear of flying either in helicopters, airplanes and other flying vehicles.

In many cases, Aerophobia may be present along with other fears or phobias like Claustrophobia (fear of closed and confined spaces) or Acrophobia (fear of heights). With the situation of flying on an airplane, it would make sense that the fear of flying, heights, and confined spaces would compound one another.

In this day and age, flying is pretty much a necessity. This is not only the case for vacations but in many instances a requirement for many jobs.

Now many people may feel some mild anxiety before flights. That’s to be expected. Even the most level headed individual can get a little anxious being surrounded by hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people caught in the midst of a bust travel season.

However, this reaches another level when someone has a legitimate fear of flying. When this happens, people have been known to cancel entire family vacations or put off important business meetings in order to avoid flying.

Thus, Aerophobia can have devastating effects on one’s career and personal life.

What are the symptoms of aerophobia?

The physical symptoms of Aerophobia include:

  • sweating
  • trembling
  • increased heart rate
  • nausea
  • vomiting

Psychological symptoms include:

  • irritation
  • dizziness
  • thoughts of falling to death
  • inability to think clearly
  • disorientation and nervousness

In most instances, people with Aerophobia will begin to experience symptoms on the day of the flight. They may become anxious at the airport. They may even begin to exhibit symptoms on the drive to the airport, especially if there are other stressors, such as high traffic.

Treatment for Aerophobia

There are a few different treatments for aerophobia. If you want to go the medication route, you could go to either psychologist or psychiatrist. They may prescribe medication (0.5 to 1mg of the drug Alprazolam taken half an hour before the flight is recommended) or something similar.

Another common form of treatment people try is forms of group therapy, where you interact with people who share similar fears with you. Many have used this to great success.

What about emotional support animals?

The use of emotional support animals as a way of overcoming fears, anxiety, and even physical ailments is a tried and true method.

People have been using animals as not only companionship but also alternative therapy for thousands of years now.

However, it is only until recently when this form of alternative treatment has caught on as a legitimate way of curing physical and emotional ailments.

Aerophobia, or the fear of flying, is no different. Each day thousands of people are making the choice to conquer their fear with the help of a furry friend!

We no longer live in a time when you have to let your fear of flying dictate your travel plans.

Instead, all you have to do is register your pet as an emotional support animal so that that you can take them on your flight with you. Our ESA Travel Kit is the perfect package to cover you and your pet!

You will feel much better having the company of your best friend. And in the off chance that you do feel a little bit of anxiety coming over you, just hold onto them during the flight.

They will sense your fear and do the best that they can to help keep you calm.

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