Emotional Support Animal Document Kit

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The Emotional Support Animal Document Kit is the most basic form of identification we have available for owners of emotional support animals.  

Nevertheless, it is a great, straight to the point option for public identification! You will receive a physical copy of your Emotional Support Animal photo ID card and Certificate. Optional digital PDF copies or laminated versions of these documents are also available. You may also order PDF electronic or laminated versions of these documents. To order, simply complete the basic form to be entered into our nationwide registry. Show these identification materials as proof of your legally registered Emotional Support Animal to landlords and airline officials.


  • 1 Emotional Support Animal Photo ID Card (Fits in your wallet)
  • 1 personalized Emotional Support Animal Certificate 
  • 7 digit Registration ID # 


  • Housing and Travel Letter: You will receive an online mental health evaluation from a licensed mental health professional. After placing your order you will be redirected to a mental health exam where you can complete your online evaluation. If approved, you will receive a signed letter of recommendation from a licensed mental health professional for housing and travel purposes. This optional service is usually completed within 1 business day of submission.
  • Vest– Our vests are marked with two removable “EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL” or “SERVICE ANIMAL” patches. These vests are adjustable and reflective. Designed for maximum breath-ability and comfort for your Emotional Support Animal anywhere you take them. 
  • Leash– Our leashes are embroidered on both sides displaying “EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL” or “SERVICE ANIMAL” for easy identification while out in public. Our leashes are made from nylon and have a rust free clip on hook.
  • Digital PDF Copy– This express option allows you to obtain a copy of your letter in PDF form as soon as your evaluation is approved. This is delivered via email. 
  • Extra Hard Copies: You will get an additional set of all documents that you have ordered. This will allow you to have multiple copies in different locations.
  • Laminate Documents: Your letter will be laminated to protect your certificate stays protected from wear and tear.
  • Registration ID Card + Certificate: After submitting your mental health exam, you will be emailed a prepaid registration link so you can officially register your dog. You will receive a physical  copy of your photo ID Card and Registration Certificate for easy access while you travel or are in public with your dog. 

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