Emotional Support Animal Housing Kit

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Need help securing housing? Are steep pet fees and restrictive pet policies preventing you and your pet from finding a new home. You have a right to live comfortably with your pet, without any fees or hassles from landlords. The Emotional Support Animal Housing Kit guarantees that right! The Emotional Support Animal Housing Kit is for pet owners who are exclusively interested in registering their pet as an emotional support animal for the purposes of securing housing.

With this option, you will have your pet legally registered as an emotional support animal by a licensed therapist. On top of that, you will also be provided with the necessary forms and identification for your emotional support animal that you can present to landlords. No more restrictive policies or additional pet fees! Just present these forms and documents when you want to secure housing! All physical copies of documents will be sent to you by mail. Optional PDF electronic or laminated versions of this documents are also available. To order, simply complete the basic form to be entered into our nationwide registry. Show these identification materials as proof of your legally registered Emotional Support Animal to landlords. This Emotional Support Animal Travel Kit includes:

  • 1 Completed Housing form
  • 1 Therapist Evaluation Travel Letter
  • 1 Emotional Support Animal Registration Certificate
  • 1 Emotional Support Animal ID Card

Make sure your Emotional Support Animal never goes out without proper identification items! Keep a physical copy of your Dog’s ID Card in your wallet and one in your car so it goes everywhere with you. Need more? Add an extra set of both your documents for only $9.99. Simply show present these documents to landlords when you want to move into your new home!




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