Emotional Support Animal Special Package

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The Emotional Support Animal Special Package is your one stop shop for all of your emotional support animal needs. It includes everything you will need for your emotional support animal. It is the most extensive and complete package we offer for emotional support animals. All physical copies of documents will be sent to you by mail. Optional PDF electronic or laminated versions of this documents are also available. To order, simply complete the basic form to be entered into our nationwide registry. Show these identification materials as proof of your legally registered Emotional Support Animal to landlords. With the Emotional Support Animal Special Package, you will receive:

  • 1 Housing Form
  • 1 Signed Therapist Housing Letter
  • 1 Emotional Support Animal Registration Certificate
  • 1 Emotional Support Animal ID Card
  • 1 ESA Vest
  • 1 ESA Leash & Collar

Make sure your Emotional Support Animal never goes out without proper identification items! Keep a physical copy of your Dog’s ID Card in your wallet and one in your car so it goes everywhere with you. Need more? Add an extra set of both your documents for only $9.99.

Sizing Guide: Refer to our sizing guide to ensure a proper fit for your dog. Each vest has 2 adjustable straps for the chest and neck to offer more flexibility and the perfect fit

Small- For dogs 15-30lbs

Medium- For dogs 30-50lbs

Large- For dogs 50-100lbs

XL- For dogs over 100lbs



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