You probably hear the term “emotional support animal” used a lot these days. How could you not? More and more people are choosing to register their pets as emotional support animals so of course they are going to talk about it.

However, the more people talk about anything really, the more it seems like the details get lost in the translation. This is definitely the case with emotional support animals.

What exactly is an emotional support animal?

The legal definition of an emotional support animal is that it is an animal that provides emotional support and comfort. More specifically, an emotional support animal is an alternative form of therapy for those suffering from mental and emotional hardship. This is where some of the confusion may lay because this is what we think of when we think of pets.

In fact, it is one of the many reasons why we get a pet or pets in the first place. For thousands of years, people have taken in animals as pets because they wanted extra love and comfort. Pets have always provided humans with emotional support. However, it is only within these last few years that the term “emotional support animal” has become mainstream.

Just because you have a pet does not mean you have an emotional support animal.

This is the big takeaway here. A lot of people believe that just because their pet is an emotional support animal because they love and support them. This is not true.

While there is no denying that their pet does provide them with love and comfort, it is incorrect for them to call their pet an emotional support animal without the proper documentation.

Why You Must Make Your Pet An Emotional Support Animal (And How)

Make no mistake about it. You do not have to make your pet an emotional support animal in order for them to provide you with unconditional love and support. They will do that regardless!

However, unless you go through the process of certifying your pet as an emotional support animal, you are leaving several legal rights granted to you on the table. These are made possible under the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA).

These rights include:

– traveling with your pet (with no additional fees)

– living with your pet (with no additional fees)

– landlords cannot deny you housing because you have a pet

– airlines must allow you to travel with your pet inside the cabin

So as you can see, there are some clear benefits to certifying your pet as an emotional support animal. Should you choose to not go this route, then those protections granted to you under Federal Law cannot be claimed. Not to mention, you leave yourself susceptible to abuse.

You may not be able to fly with your pet. In the event that you are, there is a strong possibility that you will be subjected to additional fees and your pet being denied access to the cabin. The same goes for housing. When your pet is just a pet, landlords can “conveniently” make it difficult for you when you are try to get a place to live. They will likely subject you to additional fees or “pet rent.” If not that, then they will simply point out the “no pet policy” they have in place as a way of denying you housing.

How to Make Your Pet An Emotional Support Animal With Instant ESA

There answer is quite simply when you really think about it. In order to avoid any hiccups along that way that may prevent you from freely living and traveling with your pet, you must certify your pet as an emotional support animal. Here is how you do that with Instant ESA.

It all begins with our easy-to-fill out, streamlined order form, which you can begin to fill out here.

Simply fill out your information. Follow the prompts. And click SUBMIT to complete your order.

Once this is done, an email will be sent to with a brief questionnaire for you to fill out. After you complete this, it will be sent off to a licensed therapist (for your state) for their approval. And one they approve your official emotional support animal letter will be sent to you in PDF-format via email as well as a hard copy shipped to your address.

Then you will be all set! Your pet will officially be certified as a legal emotional support animal. And with that, you will enjoy all of the rights that come along with that.

You can do this right now and have your pet certified in minutes. Just start here.

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